Claims Processing

Our processes are proven.  Gilardi has processed millions of claims in thousands of settlements.  We are successful because our methods are anchored in comprehensive and goal-oriented planning.  We rely on precise planning, defined processing steps and dedicated case teams to ensure the success of each case.  Our approach allows us to deliver efficiency and accuracy, make claim filing clear and simple, limit human error and control the costs of filing and processing.  To further these aims, we pioneered the implementation of filing online and by phone.  Whatever the filing method, our claims processing is rooted in a commitment to technology, data security and defined and tested controls.  Each step within our process is clear, concise and measurable. 

Our approach is unique.  Gilardi differs significantly from the vast majority of our industry because we process all claims, from start to finish, onsite at our single location.  We do not offshore or outsource processing work to third-parties, whether in the U.S. or overseas, or rely on satellite offices.  This ensures a uniform set of standards and practices, provides better security and controls over confidential data and allows constant management vigilance and oversight.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing counsel and claimants with multiple levels of support, unmatched responsiveness and personal and company accountability for the work we perform.