Legal Notification

We are experts in due process.  At the notice phase of a case, this means that we reject out of the box methods and instead deploy a unique notice plan targeted specifically to the potential claimants in that case.  We evaluate the specific demographics and habits of the class, the media alternatives available to them, the specifics of the case and the needs of counsel and the Court.  In so doing, we ensure claimants understand their rights and that we explain the settlement’s key components, including the binding release, in plain language.

To facilitate this effort, Gilardi relies on our in-house, full-service advertising agency, the Larkspur Design Group, which specializes in the customized design and implementation of notice.  One of the first solely purposed notice firms, LDG has designed notice programs that have varied from traditional direct notice mailings to more than 26 million people, to plans based solely on publication or online campaigns.  In every instance, our goal is the same - to design the best practicable notice plan based on the specific and unique needs of a case.