Pre-Settlement Consultation

We sweat the details.  Planning and preparation are the foundations to every successful administration.  At Gilardi, our meticulous project planning and goal focused approach ensures that your case is set up for success from the moment we engage with you.  This means that we read all of the legal and settlement documents, we ask questions, we understand the issues, we evaluate the class and the best practicable way to provide them notice and ensure their needs are met.  It also means we are immediately available and accountable.  Each case is overseen by a dedicated team overseen by a case manager. While they will have the responsibility for ensuring that all tasks are performed in accordance with the agreed upon scope of work and applicable settlement documents, the case team is supported by senior management who are onsite and available for any questions or concerns at any time. 

We understand the case.  Much of our best work is often done well before a settlement has been finalized.  It begins with the analysis of the data and the best means to notice the class.  It continues to things as seemingly simple as the design of the claim form and website, determining how to make the claims process clear and simple and evaluating the best methods to distribute money and providing reporting. 

We get it right at the start.  This ensures there are no unwanted surprises.  It also ensures success at the close.