Our Story

Established by Dennis and Susan Gilardi in 1984, Gilardi is solely dedicated to ensuring that the principles of due process and the needs of clients and claimants are served.  We have administered thousands of cases, processed millions of claims and distributed billions of dollars.  We reject off the shelf solutions and tailor our services to the specific  needs of the administration , and we are uniquely committed to ensuring that those needs are met.  In all instances, we have had only one goal in mind – to earn your trust and become your primary partner. 

Our methods are tested and our track record is proven.   On an annual basis we are selected to oversee hundreds of settlement funds.  Through our history, we have served nearly all of the prominent firms in the United States and Canada, and have overseen settlements ranging from less than 1 million dollars to more than 7 billion dollars.  We have also partnered with and performed administration services for numerous government entities, including the DOJ, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, the Attorneys’ General of every state and various local and county entities.  Indeed, our experience includes the administration of the largest and most complex private settlement in history, a thirty year partnership with the Federal Trade Commission, a #1 ranking from the United States Department of Justice after an exhaustive evaluation process. What makes all of this possible is our commitment to our people, our market and our investment in technology-driven solutions.

At the end of the day, we understand that each and every settlement is personal: personal to the lawyers who have litigated the matter, personal to the claimants who participate in the claims process and personal to the court responsible for oversight.  We are committed to ensuring that our service also remains a personal one.